The guest on today's show is Maria Rana, a copywriter and Sales Funnel Strategist. In only two years, Maria, who is a non-native English speaker, has managed to build herself a successful copywriting business. She has also become the go-to expert when it comes to building cash creating funnels. She has helped her clients- even the smallest- generate over $100 000 with their launches. Today, Maria talks to Stacy about sales funnels and about how copywriting is a huge and integral part of them.

Fresh out of university with a degree in literature, Maria, who hails from a tiny, village in Pakistan, really wanted to create the means to become financially independent and make her mark in the world. Her reality at the time, however, did not support those goals, as she comes from a very conservative family, where women weren't allowed to work and there was no concept of making money online.

Maria, being a big dreamer with a vision, made up her mind to change that. She decided to leverage her background in literature and started working as a freelance writer. She started out earning a pittance, but never gave up. She kept going and at the beginning of 2015, she was awarded a scholarship, which is how she got into the copywriting game. In her very first month in business, she made $3000 and since then it's been a wild, wild ride! Listen in today and find out how you can create cash funnels to boost your business beyond your dreams.


“Alright, so going back a few years...” From 1.35, Maria talks about how she got to be doing what she does today.

“So, to have a proper funnel in place, you need first off, clarity around your offer...” From minute 4.26, Maria explains where to start with creating sales funnels.

“There are different ways of doing that...” From minute 6.34, Maria offers some strategies to send traffic to your landing pages to really capture those leads.

“On your personal page, you can send them to your fan page, or maybe your Facebook Group, so do include that link in there.” From minute 8.50, Maria talks about the importance of creating links to Facebook.

“So, first off, obviously they're getting a welcome email...” From minute 9.20, Maria talks about email sequences- what the journey looks like and how often you should be sending emails out.

“And if you're wondering where do we exactly start pitching...”From minute 11.27, Maria explains the best place to start pitching.

“You need to have a viable long-term strategy...” From minute 13.00, Maria gives her advice about a strategy you can create for sending out emails.

“So, preferably, if you want to make things easy, I would recommend click funnels...” From minute 14.50, Maria discusses whether you need a landing page service, or if just using your website will work.

 “But you should keep in touch with your list at least once or twice a week...” From minute 16.17, Maria suggests how often you should send emails after people have jumped on your landing page and received the welcome email.

“OMG, yes! My first funnel, my welcome email, I asked them one simple question and I got over a hundred responses.” From minute 16.44, Maria discusses whether it's a good idea to end an email with a question- whether people actually respond to them or not.

“Once you have that strategy because you cannot write copy without a strategy...” From minute 17.48, Maria offers some tips for writing really great copy that sells.


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