Elite High-Performance Coaching

1:1 Private Coaching

For Business Pleasure Seekers Looking to Create an Invigorating Life, Incredible Business & Iconic Impact


Here's what I already know about you.

You’re a strong-minded, purpose-driven woman who wants to create a successful lifestyle based business
You’re longing to consciously tap into your inner desires and get clear on the bigger vision for yourself so you can create a deep, meaningful change in the world
You’re a high-achiever and don’t settle for anything less than perfect. You want explosive success and you want it on your own terms
You’re a born leader because you’re always looking for ways to solve the puzzle, resolve specific issues and work through difficult decisions

You started your business strong.

(At least that's what you thought.)


Big dreams.

And a fire to take on the world.

But somewhere along the way, it all started dropping off like crisp autumn leaves…

The conflicting demands of life- family, business, society

The stress of uncertainty, insecurity and indecision about your goals

The fear of not being the best mom or partner and upsetting your family balance

The distress of wasting money on cookie-cutter strategies and racking up your credit card bill

The concern of playing small, being invisible and lacking a solid support system to propel you forward

The sad truth is…

You’re overworked, overlooked & overwhelmed.


And all the talk about building and running a 6 or 7 figure business? Feels nothing more than a hyped talk.

Or maybe, being a passionate woman, you’ve been craving to start a business venture and become the CEO of your brand for months and years, but you’re spending all your time researching possible paths without any implementation.


No Conflict. No Confusion. And Absolutely No Stress.

You will feel motivated to dream big, energized to implement your vision, and refreshed to live a life- happy, healthy & prosperous. There are no rules. No blueprints. No swipe & deploy formulas.


To Apply for this Life-Changing Experience, Sign Up Below.

(As I only work with a select few and I’m fully committed to the success of my clients, applying doesn’t guarantee your spot. Fill out the application form to be considered for this coaching experience. I’ll personally get back to you within 24-48 hours)



I won’t give you one or two but THREE reasons!


15 Years of Entrepreneurship- Day in and Day out.


Running a 7-Figure Business Empire with Multiple Income Sources


Been through thick and thin of life, business and motherhood (Oh! The bliss and struggles of it).



I’m Stacy Tuschl and I am here to change the face of your business as you know it. Being a High-Performance Coach & Business Mentor, I help purpose-driven mompreneurs break through their challenges, operate at their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses- without sacrificing their family.

Seems too good to be true?

Let me share my story with you.

As an ambitious and fun loving soul that I am, I started my entrepreneurial journey back in 2002, teaching 17 middle schoolers how to dance right out of my parents’ backyard. The number grew from 17 to 100 lickety split and the passion tripled as quickly.

Just a few years later (in 2005 to be exact), I opened the doors to my very own Dance Studio (YES! Dreams do come true). I was overwhelmed with such an amazing response and the experience those kids were having at the studio.

But here’s the truth about success. With every new level you reach, you face a new set of challenges, obstacles and mental blocks. I knew I was meant for so much more and my business could really soar to new heights, but I had hit a growth plateau. It was time I asked for the right support…

And so I did.  

I hired my first coach and business mentor in 2006 and since then, things have never been the same. I got the clarity, strategy & support I needed to take my business to a whole new level. As a result, 2007 was the year my business literally blew up and reached the epitome of success (or so I thought) and hit the 6-figure mark.

But little did I know the next year held even more in store for me...

Despite the recession in 2008, with my constant drive & determination, I managed to grow my business ten-fold. From opening a new studio and leasing a commercial space to marrying my amazing husband Kent and trying my luck (which was the very best of luck) in real estate, the puzzle of my dream life was coming together nicely.

Fast-forward a few years, from two we became four. Yes! I’m a blessed mother to two beautiful little angels, Tanner and Teagan. My whole life revolves around my family and I’m always looking to provide them the best of everything. I would never ever compromise on that.

Being a female entrepreneur, I understand the demands of wearing multiple hats- wife, mother, friend, business owner and the list goes on and on…

But one thing that I know for a fact?

You can become a role model for people around you only if you own your brilliance and embrace your power.


It’s entirely possible to run a profitable business all while being entirely present for your family.

I’m now running multiple dance studios, own residential and commercial real estate, and have my successful coaching practice where I help women like you become high-performers in life and business.  

  • My Book, Is Your Business Worth Saving? is the #1 International Bestseller

  • My Podcast She’s Building Her Empire, formerly Business Rescue Road Map on iTunes hit #1 in Careers, Marketing and Management and #3 in overall Business category.

  • Catapulted my online coaching career with a 5-Figure launch in 2015.  

  • Hit the 6 figure mark in my coaching business in just a little over a year. (14 months to be exact!)

Did it all happen overnight?

Not at all.

Was it easy getting to the point where I’m today?

Absolutely not.

But is it worth it?

One million + one times YES!

I’m not going to kid you here. Running a six-figure (and beyond) business is not as easy as pie neither you can do it single-handedly. But once you put in the right effort, have the right support and take SMART action, even the sky isn’t the limit.

Listen up, becoming a high-performing entrepreneur is not a myth or rocket-science. You just need the clarity, courage & confidence to shoot for the stars and enjoy the process while you’re at it. 

And with a mentor by your side who hasn’t only mastered business, marketing and systems but combines it with real life experiences, heart and soul?

Your business is guaranteed to shift into the next level of success and recognition.

To Apply for this Business-Boosting Experience, Join the Waitlist Below. 

(Fill out the application form to be considered for this coaching experience. I’ll personally get back to you within 24-48 hours)



As mentioned above, Elite High-Performance Coaching doesn’t take one-size-fits-all approach. This coaching experience is customized to YOUR unique needs and desires, and will meet you where you are in life and business right now.

Below are some of the results we’re going to achieve during our time together.



  • Turn a plain ol’ business idea into a brand by getting clear on your vision & mission

  • Understand your target audience on a deeper level so you can attract them with ease

  • Bring out your core values and create a point of advantage in the marketplace

  • Understand the image you’re projecting on the world and brand yourself accordingly


  • Design your dream business around your dream life (instead of choosing one or the other)

  • Create a schedule that gives you a sense of calm instead of overwhelm

  • Feel uber confident and excited about your goals, dreams & aspirations (Wake up every day with ‘I’m gonna conquer the world’ kinda vibe)

  • Have plenty of time for things that matter- your kids, partner, playful activities, travel and all what you want


  • Set goals to reach your vision for health, wealth and your overall success

  • Have the mindset of a winner and learn to focus on your strengths, instead of feeling bogged down by your weaknesses

  • Learn to say “No” and let go of things, people, beliefs that are not serving you or your bigger vision


  • Determine the kind of leader you are and how you can inspire others with your role

  • Teamwork is the dream work- Learn how to build that dream team which up-lifts your business to new heights

  • Become the CEO of your brand and learn to impart your passion to your team and tribe

  • Build a solid and raving fan-base by creating a know, like and trust factor


  • Create a success strategy that weighs the pros and cons and gives you a clear road map

  • Know Your Numbers – The Good, The bad, The Ugly and learn to strategize your business for more income & impact

  • Create systems & structures that give you the freedom to take time off, or simply spend more time with your kids and partner


  • Get the accountability and mentorship to learn new practices, stay on track and achieve your goals

  • Learn to authentically collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and bring your vision to reality, faster

  • Build a community of influencers, peers and fans who will be your best supporters and won’t let you play small



Your Kick off Call

We’ll kick off the Elite High-Performance Coaching with a 60-Minute Deep Dive session to understand where you stand right now, what kind of struggles you’re facing and where you want to be in 90 days. We’ll get clear on your vision & mission and create a personalized plan for more income, impact and freedom.

Ten 30-Minute Sessions

After our dive deep, you have 10 additional coaching session.  You’ll have ample time in-between calls to implement BIG TIME. Success will be celebrated, obstacles & weaknesses will be tackled and solutions will be discussed.  

Priority Email Support

No coaching program is complete without email support. Reach out and I will be there for you (response guaranteed in 24-48 hours).

Access All the Trainings

Join the ranks of up-levelers and get unlimited access to all my trainings, tools and resources. You’ll also get access to the She’s Building Her Empire community where you can hang-out with like-minded female entrepreneurs who are crushing it in life and business.  

Access to me 24/7

That's right!  Access to me whenever you need it.  We use the free audio app, Voxer, where you can reach out in between sessions for support to keep you cruising. 

Space is incredibly limited. So fill out the application form NOW to be considered for this coaching experience. I’ll personally get back to you within 24-48 hours.

However, this exclusive coaching experience is not for everyone.

This is not for the procrastinator, the whiner, and the one looking for magic solution to all their worries.
This is not for you if you are satisfied with where you are and are not looking to take your life & business to the next level.
This is not for you if you’re not ready to commit (mentally & financially), take the lead and implement the advice, tools and practices that are sure to increase your income, impact & influence.

But I’m confident that you’re not any of the above, you know why? Because you’ve made it this far on the page…all the way to the end and throughout, a spark has been igniting inside you- to do more, be more and have more.

You’re ready to change your life & business and I’m here to personally support you to the fullest.

Where would you be in life and business 90 days from now?

in control of your days?

happier, healthier & calmer?

The ceo of an impactful business empire?

You are meant for a greater purpose and deserve to live your dream life. If it’s imaginable, it’s achievable.


Me too.


“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

– Tony Robbins

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