Hey there Empire Builder!

I’m glad you stopped by to know more about me and see what we have in common. Welcome!

Being a lifelong visionary, a highly committed woman and an intensely passionate entrepreneur, I understand your desire to touch millions of lives through your meaningful work. Your business expands far beyond the idea of being your own boss, it’s a combination of your natural gifts, skills and life experiences that you want to help others with and be recognized for.

But as a Seasoned Entrepreneur, High-Performance Coach and Business Mentor, I also understand the inner and outer struggles women experience in business each and every day. Despite all the hard work and giving it your best, it has become increasingly difficult to be your authentic self and stand out in a saturated marketplace. The competition is fierce than ever before and consumers have become more conscious about where they put their trust, time & hard-earned money.

I know what it’s like to toss and turn at night over an expense, to wonder if you’ll ever make your dreams come true, and to look in the mirror and ask, “Is this business even worth saving?”


About Your Host Empress

I’m Stacy Tuschl, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, philanthropist and the creator of She’s Building Her Empire where I help women entrepreneurs and business owners unapologetically be themselves and create a legacy they can be proud of.

Through my modern end-to-end process, I help purpose-driven women entrepreneurs break through their challenges, operate at their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses- without sacrificing their family. Because starting, launching and scaling your business doesn’t have to be stress-inducing or so difficult that you end up hating the process.


My vision

Bringing inspiration and innovation in business building process to help women entrepreneurs step-up and live their dreams.

My Values

  • Treating all my clients with respect and dignity.

  • Providing a safe and judgment free learning & growth experience.

  • Serial optimism and honesty in all I do.

My Mission

To lead by example, live a balanced life and empower women to become self-sustainable without sacrificing their family.


A Question I Get Asked All the Time...

I get asked this one question all the time by many struggling empire builders.

“How do I charge more and get to work with premium clients?”

Not too long ago, I was one of the people asking myself the VERY same question. I thought the secret lied in hard work, constant grind and proving yourself an expert to cut through the noise and start charging premium prices.

...only to figure out later on that to work with high-paying clients and charge what you feel good about is not difficult, it’s in fact a strategic process that anyone can implement.

If you want to take a massive leap of profits, cutting away months (or even years!) of frustration, false starts and dead-ends– I’ve got a gift for you. And this is perfect for you if you know in your heart that there’s more to life & business – more creativity, more flow, and more joy but you aren’t sure how it all comes together.

Get your free copy of my hot new guide


and in just 7 easily implementable steps position yourself as an expert to charge top-dollar for your premium offers.



“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

- Rob Siltanen

Through my group coaching programs, exclusive high-end mastermind, and intimate one-on-one mentorship, I help women entrepreneurs:

  • Deep-dive into their vision of a harmonious life

  • Create a viable business strategy

  • Implement profitable financial practices

  • Leverage modern marketing techniques to build a loyal client base

  • Manage high performing teams by stepping into their leadership role

And all this helps them build a Brand Empire that supports their dream life, enables them to give back to the world and create an impact like never before.

My approach works for any business at any stage. It can work for you, too.


From teaching middle schoolers how to dance… to a 7-figure business owner

How My Journey Began…


Today people know me for my:

14 years of rock-solid business experience
6 years of business coaching and mentorship practice
#1 Best Selling Author for my book “Business Rescue Road Map”, #1 on iTunes for my podcast “She’s Building Her Empire” and a renowned Public Speaker

But, let me be very honest here…

I didn’t come out of the woodwork with two businesses, a 7-figure bank account and all the success in my name already.

No, that wasn’t remotely the case.

I’ve been through thick and thin of life. Especially being a mom, it wasn’t always easy to set big bold goals and commit an unlimited amount of time to achieve them.

When I launched my performing arts business in 2002 from my parents’ backyard, I was a wide-eyed 18-year-old. By the time I was a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, my small, backyard business had turned into a small empire. I incorporated, rented space, and threw myself into my entrepreneurial dream full force.

Over the course of next 10 years, I expanded my business into a custom-built facility, added a second location, and started turning over 7-figures annually.

My business growth didn’t go unnoticed, people started approaching me and the top question was, “How are you able to grow this business while being a loving wife and such an attentive mother?” That’s when I found my true calling: Helping women entrepreneurs navigate through the hurdles of life & business to reach new pinnacles of success.

My compassion, hands-on experience, and realistic approach makes me a true partner on the road to achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

While I thoroughly enjoy the work I do and the different I get to make in the world, before everything else I am a loving wife and mother.

When I’m not growing my business, or helping other entrepreneurs do the same, I love spending time with my husband, Kent and our two daughters, Tanner & Teagan.

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